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Age Group: 3.5 years to 6.5 years

Class size: 24

Student/ Teacher Ratio: 12/1

This stage of development is the conscious phase of the absorbent mind. A child can concentrate and show his independence and initiative, be self-disciplined, and have joy. Montessori teachers are trained to observe each individual child and to put them in touch with things they are most interested in learning. This allows for the satisfaction of their own discovery and a feeling of accomplishment and pride. The kids study and develop several skills like

  •     Practical life skills like concentration and independence
  •     Sensorial skills to compare, contrast, categorize and relate new information to what she/he already knows.
  •     Numbers and mathematical operations
  •     Reading and writing letters, words and even sentences.
  •     Art, Music and Nature
  •     Introduction to Science, History and Geography

Our classrooms are stocked with Montessori education materials that the children are encouraged to use. Our experienced and Montessori certified teachers work to equip each child with strong academic and social skills for a lifetime of success

The primary students are taught a fun science fact through a very interactive hands on session conducted regularly by the experienced crew from Brainopolis.

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