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Age Group: 18 to 36 months
Class size: 12
Student/ Teacher Ratio: 6/1

Toddlers are explorers full of energy. They are slowly developing their language skills, their fine and gross motor skills and their personality and intellect. Our experienced Montessori trained teachers skillfully guide them through this pivotal developmental stage. They work on several skills including

  • Language : Both expressing themselves and comprehending what they hear
  • Social interaction : Understand the importance of friendship and interacting respectfully with their teachers and each other
  • Self-help skills : Learn to be independent from eating finger food to toileting
  • Fine and gross motor skills : Using play activities and Montessori material geared for their development
  • Creativity : Explore new ideas through music, art, stories, games and puzzles

For many toddlers it is their first instance of being in a classroom setting away from parents. Our teachers through consistency and sensitivity make them comfortable to the new environment that they soon start loving and enjoying.

Our toddler classrooms are geared for a safe, fun environment with lots of age appropriate Montessori educational materials. Parents are continually updated about their child's progress by weekly work folders and daily reports detailing activities, naps, food and potty training. 
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