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Often referred to as the third year of Montessori, Kindergarten year is for our Montessori students to develop confidence and a can-do attitude to take them forward. In a mixed age classroom, the students master the skills they have learned so far by applying their skills, helping their peers and being the classroom leaders. In keeping with Montessori culture the students are continually challenged on their skill level and are not held back by their peer’s skills or set curriculum. By the end of the third year of Montessori, the students will be proficient readers, fluent writers and will be working on math skills like multiplication, fractions, time and money. Our unique curriculum developed by our experienced Montessori certified teachers incorporates art, creative expression and logic and mental organization skills.  For more details, please schedule an appointment by calling us or sending us a note


We develop an engaging program each summer dedicated to elementary students. Each week is a different activity to keep the students excited and entertained. Students can enroll weekly or for the whole program. Some dedicated academic time is part of the curriculum to combat any summer learning loss.


A program developed to provide K-5 students a safe and fun after school environment. We provide various extra-curricular classes to help parents save time and keep the students engaged in meaningful activities. Students are given ample attention and guidance to work on their homework. Healthy snacks for the students is an integral part of our program. This ensures kids are in good mood when the parents pick them up after a hard day of work. For more information, stop by at the front desk, call us or send us a note

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