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Why Choose Us?

  • We are an AMS Associate School imparting Montessori education in Valley Ranch since 2004
  • Our Montessori certified teachers are very experienced and have been with us for long
  • We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment to our kids.
  • We provide a wholesome food menu and organic milk to our kids
  • You will be impressed with how much our kids learn and grow at school
  • Children graduating from our program have done well both academically and socially
  • Our parent testimonials are a pat on our back and keep motivating us to do even better


A tour of our school is part of our application process. We invite you and your child to visit our facility. Kindly call or email us to schedule an appointment. You can also submit your contact information and we can call you to schedule an appointment. We request that both parents be present at this visit. You will meet with the Director and take a school tour. An application form for admission is required to be completed. We strive to maintain a gender and age balance in our classrooms. The Director will determine the appropriate classroom for your child. Upon acceptance, your child's name will be placed on our enrollment list. The Enrollment Packet and applicable fee are to be submitted at this time. If the classrooms are full, your child's name will be added to the waiting list. Once a spot is available you will be contacted to offer your child the spot. 

New Age Montessori Logo

321 Cimarron Trail,
Irving, Tx - 75063

(972) 910-9730
Fax : (972) 910-9729