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Education at New Age Montessori

 Montessori education is an educational system used as aid to life. It helps children to develop their intelligence and independence. The learning environment is set up with areas in Language, Mathematics, Sensorial, Activities, Cultural Subjects and Practical Life.

New Age Montessori is a premiere institute in Valley Ranch since 2004. We offer a safe and caring atmosphere that provides children with a solid foundation for their future. Our experienced and Montessori certified teachers work hard with the preschoolers to build character, self-confidence and leadership skills.

Our Programs

Toddler - New Age Montessori


Age Group: 18 to 36 months 

Class size: 12

Student/ Teacher Ratio: 6/1

Transition Class - New Age Montessori


Age Group: 2.5 years to 4 years

Class size: 25

Student/ Teacher Ratio: 9/1 

Primary - New Age Montessori


Age Group: 3.5 years to 6.5 years

Class size: 24

Student/ Teacher Ratio: 12/1

K-5 Classes - New Age Montessori


Programs developed to provide K-5 students a safe and fun school environment. We provide various extra-curricular programs to help parents save time and keep the kids engaged in meaningful activities.


We offer several enrichment programs providing a balanced approach for development of each child. These programs are part of the curriculum and are included in the fee schedule.

  • Yoga : Kids will flex, stretch and relax in this program. They will impress you with how soon they pick up new asanas.
  • Music : Music program will teach young ones singing, rhythm, and simple dances. They will also learn music appreciation.
  • P.E. : Kids will use gym material for learning body awareness, balance and locomotion. It is their fun time to stretch.
  • Arts : Art activities will include cutting, drawing, painting and creating with clay. Art appreciation will be emphasized.
  • Spanish : We introduce kids to Spanish using songs and fun activities. They will pick of several words and sentences. 
  • STEAM Class : A special hands-on class for primary students lead by Brainopolis


We offer a wide range of extracurricular programs lead by qualified professionals. These programs offer convenience to parents and also extend the learning experience of their children. Currently offered programs include Soccer, Basketball, Karate, Ballet, Piano, Chess and Languages.

We are constantly looking for new and exciting enrichment programs to offer to our kids. Please contact us at if you offer any such programs.

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