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“Teachers at new age make sure kids feel like home. When our son comes home and tells us about things he did at school, it sounds like he had fun. So teachers make sure kids are learning but having fun as well.” -Shrikant

  • “New Age is a great school. My daughter is learning so many new things at the school. She loves going to school.

    The teachers and Mrs. Shani always listen to our concerns and give us a good solution.

    We loved the summer program.”

    Avani D.
  • “New Age teachers are friendly warm and considerate. They treat students appropriately with desired strictness and love too. My daughter has learned a lot from her teachers.”

    Rashmi T.
  • “All of the teachers my children have had at NAM have been very caring and nurturing.

    It is clear they are gifted educators of young children.

    It is amazing how well the children thrive with clear expectations and some freedom to pursue their curiosity. ”

    Eileen R.

“My son's both teachers are marvelous - love them- they helped my son adjust here very well.

Mrs. Shani is very helpful. She helped us to transition into the idea of leaving my son here.”  -Pooja T.

  • “All the teachers here are very friendly. I appreciate Mrs. Maryse for teaching our son discipline and language.”

    Shravanthi V.
  • “The teachers at NAM are very loving and friendly with kids. My daughter loves her teachers.”

    Jeejamol S.
  • “Best teachers and perfect environment for kids.”

    Prachi B.

“Mrs. Sayeeda is an amazing teacher. In her guidance my son developed a long term love for Math and Science and now my daughter is on the same path.” -Shehnaz N.

  • “Mrs. Shoba and Mrs. Neelima did a good job in helping our daughter transition to NAM. Mrs. Shani is readily available to answer any question we may have and was very helpful in coming up with a transition plan for our daughter."

    Chamali K.
  • “We love Mrs. Kee and Mrs. Shalyn. They give their complete dedication & love to our little ones while we work with no stress.”

    Nagaraj T.
  • “We were really touched to see our daughter write alphabets by herself. This all happened because of the teachers' hard work and disciple. Any amount of thanks wouldn't be enough.”

    Abhishek B.

“All the teachers at New Age are very responsible, nurturing, experienced and knowledgeable. They go out of the way to help the child.” -Salman B.

“I must say the teachers at NAM are really nice. My daughter keeps talking about them even after coming home.” -Shilpa P.

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